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Archive for October, 2013


Rock Climbing with Ghost Productions

After finishing 25 client projects for NASS 2013, we took a day off. We treated our hardworking staff to lunch at the Happy Gnome and then went with everyone brave enough rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors. Something that you should know about the medical animation studios owners,  all three are avid climbing enthusiasts. Stephan’s climbed Elephant’s Perch, City of Rocks, and all over Joshua Tree. Jayson spent 3 years as an Adventure Course Director at Astrocamp in San Jacinto Mountains, Idyllwild CA. There he built team building and individual challenge courses and turned a coulter pine tree into a 70 foot rappel tower. Nic’s been climbing since ’97 and climbed some of the most challenging rock faces all over Taylor’s Falls. Today, the owners of Ghost Productions shared their love of the sport with the bravest employees at Ghost and hope to have inspired a shared love for the activity that will spread throughout the company.


Orthopedics Marketing at AAOS

If you sell products to the orthopedic market, there is no better opportunity than exhibiting at AAOS. Over 14,000 domestic and international orthopedic surgeons attend the conference every year. AAOS is where little startups with great products turn into giants and where existing orthopedic giants present their technologies to the masses.

Ghost Productions has been producing medical animation, booth graphics, and interactive displays for our orthopedic clients for nearly two decades. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about how to help our clients achieve their goals over the 4-5 days at the annual American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons meeting. Read moreRead more


Help Ghost Productions get a $250k grant to produce eLearning content for middle school health education.

Interactive eLearning software, when well designed, has the ability to deliver engaging, effective, and efficient curriculum to the masses. Ghost Productions is a company committed to explaining medicine and its benefit to humanity using the most advanced 3D animation and interactive media the world has ever seen. Ghost Productions now intends to use its ability to train surgeons and educate patients to help middle school educators teach their students how to create life-long healthy habits by delivering advanced eLearning curriculum to all schools across the country. Read moreRead more