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The Holiday Blog 2012


The end of the year is the best time to celebrate and review another successful year of medical animation productions. This year, to look back and engage in revelry, we hosted a Sushi Sweater Party at Ghost Productions!! Notice, we didn’t call it the “ugly” sweater party, because some of us actually like those sweaters at the back of our closets. Read moreRead more


Movember Completed

In the month of Movember Ghost Productions had 6 people grow a mustache. To learn about Movember you can read the previous post that started it. To finish I will let Jas Bajric, an animator here at Ghost Productions, tell you why he was the instigator in ghOstache.

ImageFrom Jas
“I started doing the festive mustache growing celebration 2 years ago. My closest cousin Anela was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at young and healthy age. After battling through chemotherapy and coming through on top, I decided to show her how proud I was by growing a beautiful mustache. We also shaved our heads together during her chemo but that is a whole other story.

Since then I have been growing my mustache every Movember. I will continue to do this not only for Anela, but for my grandmother Helena, and everyone else in my family that has been affected by this devastating disease.”