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Archive for September, 2012


Forward Facing, Further Determined

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer


The end of September marks the beginning of our busiest season here at Ghost: a time when major medical conventions hover on the horizon and the exhibitors at those conventions seek the latest and most dazzling forms of visual media to attract attention and generate interest in the exhibits they adorn.  With so many projects simultaneously underway, and absent a full-time animator after the departure of Brian Thompson, our 3D team risked losing its cohesion and coordination.  To everyone’s relief and pride, such a disaster has thus far been averted due to the discipline and cooperation of the team, as well as the enthusiastic efforts of its newest leader, Bret Farley. Read moreRead more


Ghost Knows Trade Shows

Written by:  Jeanine Christensen
Director of Business Development


Ghost Productions produces animations throughout the year for our clients. During important dates in your marketing calendar, we also provide high-quality extra special customer service to prepare your marketing team for your upcoming trade shows. For instance, our staff right now is busily preparing our clients for the annual North American Spine Society (NASS) show in Dallas, TX next month. Read moreRead more


Giving Up A Ghost

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer


The possibility is often recognized but rarely expected: Ghosties will occasionally drift to realms beyond our humble studio.  Such voluntary departures are often the result of curiosity and ambition, rather than dissatisfaction.  In any case, friendship and nostalgia tend to provoke in us wistful ambivalence when we realize that we will be losing a beloved colleague.  Now we are faced with this emotional dilemma once again, as animator Brian Thompson transitions into a new job at the visual design agency CRASH+SUES. Read moreRead more


3D Tech: Everything You Need to Know About the 3rd Dimension

Written by:  Stephan Kuslich
Founder & CEO of Ghost Productions


3D Stereoscopic Technology


3D projection has advanced well beyond the red-blue glasses of yesteryear. For an example of how this technology can enhance medical animation, click on the image to view our award-winning video HEAL in stereoscopic 3D.

They’ve been around for decades: 3D movies that have been giving audiences nominal  “fly off the screen” thrills via the iconic 3D glasses with the cardboard red and cyan lenses that trick the eyes into perceiving depth where none exists. Throughout the ages, Ghost Productions has had an interesting experience with various 3D technologies that range from static holographic printing to glasses-free auto-stereoscopic projectors. Only recently has the display technology advanced to the point where we’ve felt good enough about the quality of the output that we began offering this as a standard service to our clients.

  Read moreRead more

MN Maya Users Group

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer

The Autodesk Maya dragon logo, now ubiquitous, has come to signify both a robust 3D design suite and a powerful catalyst for creative imagination.

Opposite the commercial spectacle and international attention characteristic of SIGGRAPH conventions, localized software user groups offer visual effects designers opportunities for specialized education and interpersonal connection.  The Minnesota Maya Users Group is a perfect example.  Established over a decade ago for the purpose of sharing tips and techniques about the 3D design application, the group is currently co-administrated by Ghost Productions animator Sam Gannaway and Minneapolis Media Institute (MMI) Game Art & Animation program chairman Terry Stoeger.  While both men are veteran Maya users who have been involved with the group for some years now, Terry’s familiarity with the program harks back to a time when he once worked for Alias|Wavefront, the software developer that created Maya before both were purchased by Autodesk.  That kind of 3D pedigree comes with some serious credibility and is ample reason to seek out the collective wisdom and experience of the MN Maya Users Group.  An even better reason is that the group gatherings are completely free to attend and are typically held every other month.  You can get involved by joining their Google group and liking their Facebook page.

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