Marketing Medical Devices

Ghost Productions is one of the top 3D animation companies producing high-quality animation videos used as an effective tool for marketing medical products and medical devices. 3D medical device animations are a powerful and dynamic way to inform and motivate your target market’s buying decisions.

Medical Device Marketing is Dynamic

Statistics on the status of the medical device market are encouraging; the market is large and growing. Established companies continue to see annual sales increases. Many innovative startup companies have found success in this area, as well.

The medical device industry is driven by innovation, with continual research into better treatments and diagnostic tools for diseases, the projections for growth in this industry sector will remain positive for the foreseeable future.

How to Market Medical Device Products Successfully

Ghost Productions encourages its clients to follow the best practices for marketing medical devices, which includes making a committed effort and investment in high-quality 3D medical animations. There are compelling reasons why using animated video is one of the best ways to market medical products.
A survey conducted by Google of 749 hospital administrators, who have purchasing authority for their organization, shows 51 percent have access to online resources as an important part of the purchasing evaluation process for medical devices.

A typical hospital administrator goes online to narrow the vendor choices from potentially dozens of companies that are making similar medical devices down to the top two or three. The most important consideration for these hospital administrators — when deciding what to purchase — is to be able to view a product demo and see how a medical device works. For those hospital administrators surveyed, who used online resources to gather information about medical devices, 100 percent of them watched the product demos.

Online product demos are extremely important in marketing medical device products. In fact, using 3D medical animations for medical devices is the marketing medical product strategy that really works, in terms of positive responses and outcomes.

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Challenges in Reaching Target Audiences

The DOC reports that there are over 6,500 medical device manufacturers in America. These are small- to medium-sized businesses with around 80 percent having less than 50 employees. Innovation is the key to success and the innovative efforts should be applied to both product development and medical device marketing.

If your organization is not already making extensive use of 3D animation videos as a key marketing tool for your medical device products, this is a serious strategic marketing weakness. You can rest assured that most, if not all, of your competitors are making extensive use of digital marketing tools and using 3D animations for their product demos. Not all 3D animation is the same quality. In fact, a poor-quality animation video may do more harm than good. Even smaller companies are taken more seriously if their product demos are high-quality 3D animations.

Hospital administrators reported that physicians were highly influential in making purchasing decisions of medical devices for use by a health care facility. Hospital administrators and physicians are always extremely busy. Many say that they prefer to access the product information and demos using a mobile device.

Ghost Productions creates 3D animation videos that play back properly on any computer, laptop, smartphone or mobile device. This allows them to be accessed from just about anywhere — making it convenient for clients.

3D animation videos are also an excellent marketing support tool available for use by sales reps who make in-person visits to clients. A 3D animation video can be immensely more interesting and effective than printed brochures. Interactivity can be added to enhance the experience and increase viewer engagement. Ghost Productions creates extremely successful campaigns promoting our clients’ medical devices.

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