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Why choose Medical Animation?


3D Animation explains more in less time. Video presentations and illustrations are simply unable to deliver the dynamic function and freedom of 3D animation. Any structure can be cut in half or made transparent, allowing audiences to see through anything and focus purely on the the most important aspects of the presentation.
1 minute of 3D animation can deliver as much information as 1800 2D illustrations, 3000 pages of written text, 1 hour of spoken lecture and 10 minutes of surgical video.


Depending on the complexity and content, computer generated 3D animation may cost little more than many other forms of media content. In some cases, it can be significantly more affordable. When compared to high-end traditional live-action production—which requires actors, sets, and production crews for everything from lighting to makeup—animation is unbeatable. Because computers do the bulk of the work and can be produced %100 in-studio, the entire budget makes it to the screen instead of being wasted on overpriced union talent, transportation, insurance, or location fees.
Every second of HD animation that is produced creates ~30 computer rendered medical illustrations that can be instantly used in print marketing, surgical technique manuals, websites, and slide presentations. Try hiring a medical illustrator to draw you 900 illustrations. We produce this much art in a single 30-second animation and using them is as easy as cutting and pasting them into any application that accepts image data—giving you nearly unlimited uses with no additional cost.

Comprehensive and Effective

Nothing explains complex surgery, anatomy, or medicine as well as 3D animation. A study performed in 2005 found that medical students who viewed 3D Animation teaching methods outperformed a control group (who viewed only surgical videos) not only in topographical understanding but also in theoretical understanding.


3D Animation vs. 2D Video for Complex Opthalmic Surgical Technique

Percentage of correct answers by medical students after viewing 3D Animation (3D Group) vs. 2D video footage (control) of complex topographical opthalmic surgery Br J Ophthalmol 2005;89:1495-1499 doi:10.1136/bjo.2005.075077

Fun fact: Did you know? Female medical students experience the greatest improvement of topographical understanding from 3D animation.