Poltergeist Media Server

Ghost’s revision process uses the most advanced client collaboration tool ever created: The Poltergeist Media Server. Poltergeist allows clients to easily make comments upon and indicate approval of draft media the moment it becomes available, so that our animators can get it right the first time. Whether the project involves animation, illustration, or interactive design, you’ll have the ability to isolate specific frames or pixels and make paint corrections directly over the drafts, so that the project stays on schedule and within budget. Because Poltergeist functions over the web on any browser, your entire approval team can access it from anywhere, allowing it to be easily integrated into your revision process.

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As easy as a cloud, as powerful as a hurricane!

Ghost Productions works with clients who’s innovations have set them light years ahead of the curve so we developed an online file transfer matrix that moves at the speed of light. Phantom FTP is a powerful file server that can quickly, securely, and easily deliver media of any kind, of any size, to anyone. Your files are in the cloud everywhere you need them to be.

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