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Surgical VR for Medical Device Demonstrations
Conduct Remote Live Training in a Virtual Operating Room

Surgical VR training simulations made by Ghost Medical using the Wraith-VR surgery platform allows you to demonstrate your instrumentation, devices, and procedure to doctors all over the world!

In as little as 3 months we can deliver a highly functional surgical simulation that runs on affordable VR headsets. Using CAD files of your surgical instruments and medical devices, your VR surgery will accurately simulate the actually surgical procedure. You’ll be able to provide instant access to a fully immersive demonstration for all of your surgical products.

Surgical VR simulations can also be network enabled for remote multiuser surgical demonstrations because it has been designed in concert with our Wraithmatrix remote telepresence surgery environment for fully interactive collaboration between up to 8 participants over the internet.


Imagine a sales demonstration that features all of your medical products and provides an opportunity for customers to try them anywhere, anytime. Wraith-VR by Ghost Productions gives medical sales reps the ability to demonstrate any medical instrument or surgical device in a standalone, lightweight, and highly capable VR headset. Once we’ve created your VR simulation program it is easy to deploy and outfit your entire sales team with a surgical device demonstration so advanced, you’ll likely abandon cadaver labs completely.

Simulate any Surgical Procedure - Demonstrate any Surgical Device

Wraith-VR was designed from the ground up to provide users with the capability to experience a wide range of surgical procedures. Surgical instrumentation can be grasped in the hand and used to manipulate virtual anatomy. It doesn’t matter if your medical devices are orthopedic, cardiology, urology, laparoscopic, open, minimally invasive, or massive exposures with multiple incisions sites. Wrath-VR can simulate any tool you can operate with your hands. Robotically assisted surgical procedures are a breeze to simulate in VR. Book a meeting with us to get your project started and we’ll have a prototype working in VR headset faster than you ever thought possible.

Surgical VR Simulation Gif animation of virtual reality surgery incision retraction

Portable Surgical Device Demonstrations

Affordable standalone virtual reality headset makes it possible to simulate a comprehensive surgical procedure in less than minute of setup after turning it on in a new location. Give your surgeons an opportunity to actually try your products during a sales visit in the clinic, provide a VR demonstration kiosk for your visitors at your next trade show booth and stream each session to your website or broadcast it on a Jumbotron.

Wraith-VR allows our clients choice in the VR hardware and run identically on both Oculus Quest 2 and Pico Neo-3 VR headsets. Remote surgical sessions hosted by Wraithmatrix even allow crossplay between different VR headsets.

Wraith-VR headset and hand controllers Neo3
Wraith-VR is compatible with top of the line VR wireless/standalone headsets. • 2 Hour Battery Life • Highspeed WiFI 6 • 700g shipping weight • Washable Hygenic Facial Interface • Two-Handed Haptic Response Controllers

Upgrade your Wraith-VR surgical Simulator with Wraithmatrix

Wraith-VR headsets can be shipped custom-branded and preloaded with your medical device surgical simulations. Your sales reps can even collaborate remotely in a shared virtual operating room with their customers with Wraithmatrix logo multiplayer upgrade. Wraithmatrix provides a telepresence multiuser surgical experience so immersive it is as close as you’ll get to teleportation.

When you can’t be there in person, Wraithmatrix logo button virtual reality remote telepresence is the next best thing. Modern VR hardware is so small, light, and affordable that you can overnight them directly to your leads at a fraction of the cost of travel and lodging. Wraith VR remote telepresence allows your sales reps to join surgeons in a virtual operating room via the internet. This provides a realtime simulation of an actual surgical experience for both the sales rep and surgeon even thousands of miles apart.

Advantages of choosing Wraith-VR from Ghost Productions for your Surgical Simulation

VR Medical Training with Remote Capabilities

Medical device sales reps can now conduct live training sessions with surgeons all over the world without ever going through airport security. Overnight an easy to use VR headset to the client and join them in a virtual operating room. Explain your instrumentation and surgical procedure to 10 clients in 10 different cities in less time that it takes you to finish your morning coffee.

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