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Wraith-VR: Highly Functional Surgical Simulations in Virtual Reality

Ghost Production’s Wraith-VR is a proprietary software development infrastructure for efficiently creating fully immersive medical VR content and feature-rich surgical simulations. Using Wraith-VR we can efficiently build a virtual reality medical simulation to help you demonstrate surgical tools, medical devices, and teach surgical procedures.

Try our total knee surgical simulation on your own VR system right now!

Wraith-VR Medical Virtual Reality is Powerful

Watch an example of Wraith VR with Ghost Productions Medical Director Nic Wiederhold

Who Benefits?

VR surgical simulation training helps medical professionals refine their skills and ultimately reduces errors that could be fatal to patients. By providing a virtual environment where surgeons can learn, VR surgical simulation enhances modern medicine.


Medical professionals who perform surgery can use medical VR simulation training to test new technology in a risk-free environment, build knowledge about current procedures and practice their skills to retain their expertise.

Sales Representatives

Sales reps at medical and surgical device companies can use medical VR simulation training to give customers a hands-on experience with their products. VR headsets can also be mailed out to prospective clients who can engage in live demonstrations using remote telepresence in a virtual operating room.


Knowledgeable medical professionals and improved surgical technology help to reduce medical errors, which improves the lives of patients.

robotic assisted total knee surgery VR image

Learn how Wraith-VR can Simulate any Surgical Procedure

Our VR surgical simulation software is capable of simulating any surgical procedure than can be performed in a real world operating room. Watch this movie to see all the things we've programmed it to do

Medical device sales reps can train surgeons remotely in Wraithmatrix

Watch this video of a sales rep in Boston teaching a surgeon in Minneapolis how to perform a minimally invasive spinal surgery from 1500 miles away. This is actual Wraithmatrix footage recorded in headset.

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