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Urology, Gynecology, Obstetrics & Sexual Health Animations

Urology Animation

3D Urology Animation

3D visualization for the branch of medicine specifically concerned with the study, diagnosis and treatment of the genitourinary tract in males and the urinary tract in females.

3D Gynecology Animation

3D visualization that is concerned with the branch of medical science that focuses on the healthcare, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders affecting female reproductive organs.

3D Obstetrics Animation

3D visualization highlighting the medical treatment of women before, during and after childbirth.

3D Sexual Health Animation

3D animation focused on the medical science positively impacting physical and psychological health in regard to dysfunctions, diseases, and function of the reproductive organs.

Accurate 3D Reproductive Health Animation

Ghost Productions has created the most accurate and functional 3D human reproductive anatomy in existence and has used it to create medical animations that explain everything from urinary incontinence slings to surgically implanted contraceptive devices. Ghost Productions has also developed the ability to animate surgeon hands within the surgical space allowing for manual and guided needle procedures to be viewed in full 3D. In vitro fertilization and other infertility treatments as well as sexual health can now be better explained to patients thanks to our gynecology, urology & obstetrics 3D animations videos.

Why Ghost Productions for Gynecological 3D Animation Videos?

When you need video animation in gynecology, you need a creative team you can trust. By choosing Ghost Productions, you’ll get to work with a group of experienced animation developers from a company that’s been producing content for healthcare since 1994. Our experience has taught us no two clients are the same — therefore, no two projects will ever be identical.


While not appropriate for every situation, we try to incorporate animated characters and engaging stories when possible to help promote your product or treatment plan. The more involved your audience is, the more likely they are to learn the content, retain it, and support your cause or follow your advice. 3D video animation in gynecology and other subjects results in 19 percent better comprehension than materials like traditional surgical videos, and narratives often boost viewers’ understanding even more through relatable characters and situations.


When we develop 3D gynecology animation, we incorporate artistic styles and detailed images with vivid colors and designs. We’re moving away from old textbooks and boring slideshows into a much more immersive, interactive content type. Medical students often find they can retain complex information more easily for future work when it’s displayed visually. Patients will also feel more at ease about upcoming procedures when they can see what to expect. Likewise, investors will care more about your project and feel more compelled to invest, while administrators will understand why their facility needs need your product or device right away. Overall, the creative touch and improved experience will further your goals more than any other strategy.


We don’t want to design your gynecology, urology & obstetrics 3D animations without your input. The result will be yours, after all, and you’re likely to have specific visions and opinions about what the final product should look like. We’ve created streamlined review tools that allow you to interact with the animation during production in order to give us feedback. Even if you have no experience with animation or software development, your input will be valued and you will find us easy to work with.


One of our goals is to provide the best value to our clients. We do this by creating medical animations that can be turned into medical illustrations. You can take any frame of your animation and use it as an illustration in your promotional materials, website, brochures, and educational documents. When your images are taken directly from your animation, your brand appearance and marketing efforts become a cohesive campaign that helps investors, customers and patients remember your company clearly.

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