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March 3, 2017

3D Animation: The Answer To Marketing Modern Medicine

Medical advancements are occurring at a frenetic pace. The rapid pace of technological innovation demands that medical marketing keep up. Healthcare marketing initiatives will excel if they take advantage of the best practices in using 3D animation for medical presentations. This is especially so when this medium is a key part of a comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy.

By using 3D for medical animation, it is possible to convey a message in a dramatic and engaging way that can’t be achieved with other methodologies.

animation of the human body

The New Medical Marketing Wave

3D animations represent the new wave of medical marketing. These videos enhance a company’s ability to market its medical products, using medical animation for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and/or other products/procedures.

Here are some examples of how 3D animations are being used to boost marketing initiatives and sales:

3D Pharmacology Animation Helps Varithena® Succeed

In 2001, Varithena® benefited from a 3D pharmacology animation. Part of its FDA application was an animation that demonstrated the mechanism of action of this pharmaceutical in the treatment of scleropathy. Varithena® (polidocanol injectable foam) is a sclerosant that causes fibrosis to occur inside the varicose veins, reducing the luminosity of the blood vessel and reducing the appearance of the varicose veins.

One of the great benefits of these 3D animations is that they have an extended shelf life. A 3D animation used in a presentation designed to earn FDA approval can also be used as a marketing tool to demonstrate the drug’s benefits to the buyers and suppliers for medical groups, or to help explain to patients how the drug works so the patient will be comfortable using it. The 3D animations can clarify the complex mechanisms of action to a patient far better than a thick manual filled with medical terminology.

Flow-FX, LLC Uses 3D Orthopedic Animation to Present at the AAOS Convention

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons convention is a big deal for medical device manufacturers working in this field. Flow-FX, LLC used a 3D orthopedic animation to present the Cannulated Screw System and demonstrate the medical device use for femoral (hip) fractures, as well as fractures of the tibia and the bones in the feet. The patented system allows precise delivery of a filler through the cannulated screw to eliminate voids in the bone.

These 3D animations helped Flow-FX, LLC expand its marketing efforts. Again, such material can be used over and over again to explain processes and demonstrate benefits to the market without additional investment and without requiring a patient to be present.

Cardiovascular Institute of the South Uses 3D Animation to Promote Varicose Vein Treatments

varicose veins animation
The Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) needed a 30-second advertising spot to promote its varicose vein treatments. It chose Ghost Productions, an expert in 3D cardiology animation, to produce the advertising spot.

This was the fifth project done by Ghost Productions for CIS. CIS uses these advertising spots in all media, including online and on television as part of a comprehensive advertising campaign to attract new clients. These campaigns are very successful in bringing new business to CIS.

Create Once, Deploy Everywhere

These 3D animations are being used in advertising, sales presentations, conferences, staff training and in-person patients’ visits to doctors’ offices. These videos add value to the bottom line because the production costs are modest when compared with other video production methods; and the 3D animation can be used on such a wide variety of media. Because everything is rendered in high-definition 3D images, it is possible to use the same images for print advertising campaigns, projection on a large monitor or screen at a convention, and high-quality mobile optimization.

At Ghost Productions, our 3D animations can be repurposed with little effort to be viewable on any device of any kind.

The use of 3D animation in medical marketing and media is exciting because it can demonstrate medical components in a compelling way that could not otherwise be seen. A patient’s understanding of the medical procedures is helped tremendously by showing him or her 3D animations about the process. Medical marketing is taken to the next level of success by using 3D healthcare marketing.

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