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November 9, 2016

How 3D Animation Is Helping Fight Zika

The Zika virus has caught the world’s attention, having rapidly spread to many areas across the globe. Symptoms of the virus — which is transmitted primarily by mosquitoes — usually are mild, but being infected during pregnancy can cause birth defects. The World Health Organization is helping coordinate a global emergency response, and the medical community is on a quest to develop a Zika virus treatment plan. There is no vaccine available.

Research and awareness campaigns stand to benefit greatly from 3D medical animation, and such animations also can be used to teach health care practitioners around the world about the virus and any potential cure. Groundbreaking methods to counter the Zika virus can be demonstrated visually and in great detail using 3D animation.

3D Medical Animation Aids Research, Training

In a research laboratory setting, a 3D medical animation demonstrates the microbiological actions of the Zika virus to provide insight for researchers looking for a possible cure. Researchers use computer-generated models to look for effective antiviral compounds that can disrupt the replication of the Zika virus. 3D medical animation also makes it easy to share discoveries with other researchers worldwide, by demonstrating concepts that would be difficult to describe using other methods.

As Zika virus treatment options are developed, 3D medical animation also can be instrumental in demonstrating the mechanisms of action — the biochemical interactions that produce a pharmacological effect — to healthcare practitioners.

Educational Videos: 3D Medical Animation at Its Best

Patients who watch educational videos made with 3D medical animation benefit by better understanding how a medical condition affects them and how treatments work. In the case of the Zika virus, a pregnant woman can pass the virus on to the fetus, and the consensus in the scientific community is that the virus is a cause of microcephaly — a condition in which a baby is either born with a small head, or the head stops growing after the baby is born. These babies can have convulsions and learning disabilities as they grow older.

A campaign promoting Zika virus prevention thus can benefit from 3D medical animation too. Explaining the symptoms (which can include fever, joint pain, rashes and “pink eye”) along with the pregnancy complications can underscore the importance of taking measures to prevent transmission of the virus to others. (Sexual and blood transmission are possible, in addition to via mosquito bites.)

As Zika is a global concern, 3D medical animation also can be particularly helpful because a voice-over in any language can be used, and the images demonstrate the microbiological processes in interesting, colorful and easy-to-understand ways.

3D Medical Animation Experts

Ghost Productions has expertise in the 3D modeling required to create accurate 3D medical animation videos. The creative team at Ghost Productions has extensive experience in creating a 3D medical animation that shows the mechanism of action. With the Zika virus, a 3D animation can show how, for instance, how the virus passes the brain/blood barrier.

The team at Ghost Productions is ready to work on any 3D medical animation project to demonstrate complex biochemical and pharmacological processes. A 3D medical animation can show the interactions at a specific scale or different scales. To get started, contact Ghost Productions today by calling (651) 633-1163, or use the convenient online contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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