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August 25, 2016

How to Market Medical Devices: Best Practices

The medical device market is highly competitive. Whether you are introducing a new device, or trying to gain market share for an existing device, even a superior product must be accompanied by savvy marketing.

Following the best practices for marketing medical devices means taking a multipronged approach. Some of the best ways to market medical devices include:

  • Differentiating your product from the competition.
  • Emphasizing pricing benefits.
  • Enhancing your customer relationships.shutterstock_270195890 2
  • Making your message accessible for mobile devices.
  • Trade shows.
  • Product tours.
  • Demonstrating the superiority of the product to doctors, to promote awareness by word-of-mouth.
  • Creating a 3D animation video for optimal understanding of how the device works, and how it thus generates better patient outcomes.

The Case for 3D Medical Animation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Especially a 3D animation video that shows how a medical device is implanted and how it works?

At Ghost Productions, we build beautiful animations, knowing that it is much easier for medical professionals and students alike to understand how a complex medical device works when they view a 3D animation that shows the device in operation.

Some device mechanisms of action are so small and occur on such a tiny scale that they otherwise would be impossible to see. A 3D animation reveals all, truly demonstrating how far medical devices have advanced. For companies that sell medical devices, 3D animation is one of the most powerful tools in medical devices marketing.

Areas That 3D Animation Benefits

Keeping up with medical device industry trends means creating products that are useful and that achieve efficacy. Using 3D animation highlights those qualities of a product and more:

  1. Usefulness.Medical device marketing companies must make a very strong case for the device’s usefulness. Does it advance medical treatment in amazing ways?Significantly reduce pain and suffering? With 3D animation, detailed examples of the device in action are presented in a dynamic way. Using medical animation is about capturing attention, and it is our primary passion at Ghost Productions.
  2. Efficacy. Does the medical device produce results consistently and efficiently? A high-quality 3D animation demonstrates just how it works.
  3. Research. Using 3D animation lets product developers see how a virtual shutterstock_140225476representation of a medical device might work. The development team thus can see potential mistakes early in the design period.
  4. High-Level Presentation. Exciting 3D visuals provide more insight than static renderings for medical device training and medical device education — not to mention how they grab attention at a trade show or on a website.
  5. Upgrade Path. Creating a new 3D animation in advance of the release of an upgraded product can regenerate excitement about ongoing product innovation.

Let Ghost Productions Create Your 3D Animation

At Ghost Productions, we are just as excited about advancements in medical devices as you are. We’ll help you deliver your marketing message to your target audience to create demand for the device. Contact us today to request a quote or get your marketing campaign under way.

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