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Archive for August, 2016


How to Market Medical Devices: Best Practices

The medical device market is highly competitive. Whether you are introducing a new device, or trying to gain market share for an existing device, even a superior product must be accompanied by savvy marketing.

Following the best practices for marketing medical devices means taking a multipronged approach. Some of the best ways to market medical devices include: Read moreRead more


How To Choose A 3D Animation Company

Ghost Productions has some of the best 3D animators who understand complex design, science, biology and how to make engaging presentations.

Selecting a 3D Animation Company

The best practices for selecting a 3D animation studio or choosing from a wide variety of animation production companies that provide 3D animation services is, first, to identify the top animation companies.

The next step is to carefully evaluate their work. As an analogy, there is a huge difference between fast food and a gourmet meal. The difference is the care, attention and ingredients that go into the making, which results in either a mundane or spectacular result.

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