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What Is The 3D Animation Process?

Michelangelo, the great Renaissance artist, risked excommunication from the church to pursue his interest in studying human anatomy. He had to bribe a parish priest with an exquisitely carved crucifix in order to be able to study human cadavers. A magnificent result of his fascination with anatomy is the statute of David.

Centuries later, medical schools still use cadavers. However, using 3D animation, which is so realistic, has proved to be a better way to more extensively teach students about anatomy and medical procedures. It is among many uses for a technology that continues to develop.

Uses for 3D Animation

Most are familiar with the wonderful 3D animated movies made by Pixar, Walt Disney Studios andshutterstock_386596309 others. Animators also use 3D animation software to create projects in the medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields.

Because the results are so compelling, using 3D animation software is a terrific way to also create dynamic presentations and advertisements. It also is used to create excellent educational, instructional and promotional materials.

City planners, architects, designers, manufacturers and others who need accurate visual representations of projects benefit from 3D animation as well.

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How Your Business Or Medical Practice Can Benefit From Medical Animation

Many businesses and disciplines benefit from the use of visual aids. Medicine, in particular, benefits from medical illustrations and custom-made animations to enhance communication and facilitate learning. Visual media — illustrations, animations and videos — are crucial tools for educational and marketing purposes alike. Of course, there are many ways to convey challenging information. But to underscore a point, clarify a complex subject, or emphasize a technical concept, there’s simply nothing better than a visual image.

Advantages of 3D Animation

Advances in computer processing power and memory capacity have vastly expanded animators’ ability to deliver stunningly detailed, lifelike 3D medical animations. Medical animation has become an indispensable tool, used not only for medical student edification, but also for animated explainer videos and sophisticated marketing efforts.

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