Matt Tollefson - Quality Manager

matt1What do I do?
I meet with all new clients and get the full understanding of their product or procedure so I can become the In-House Expert. Once that is achieved I will meet with the lead animator on the project and train them to the same understanding. Then as the drafts of the project come they will filter through me so that I will be the last eyes, that will make sure it's right for the client.

What's the coolest thing about Ghost?
That would have to be the combination of our relaxed environment, and the people.

What do I do when I'm not working?
What do I do when I’m not working? Hmm. What do I do when I’m not at work? Is that a trick question? Well, I pretty much spend every waking second working whether it's at Ghost, on my vehicles, or on home improvements. My remaining time is spent with family, friends, and of course a lot of it is spent with my beautiful wife Christina, and my two Basset Hounds, Frankie "T" & Sweet Pea; they are the ones who keeps me in reality. I love what I do, so it’s hard for me to STAND STILL for long.

My story:
Well I showed up one day and they saw potential. The rest wrote itself. Once I got in I never left. That was the key!!!


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