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When it comes to explaining complex scientific ideas, nothing does it better or faster than 3D visualization and computer rendered animation. Thirty-seconds of a well produced 3D animation can easily accomplish what would require three hours of traditional text and photo research. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily audiences respond when they see your products represented by our visualization techniques. Our focus is purely on medicine and we’ve been doing it longer than any other studio on the globe. We understand medicine and we speak your language. We’re ready to take on your project and we will produce it with integrity and a commitment to excellence.

What do we do? We explain medicine and its benefit to humanity.

How do we do it? With a well rounded group of biologically experienced and production hardened artists, animators, programmers, and writers, we tell the story of medicine, clearly, accurately, and with the ability to not only educate but also inspire.

Why do we do it? No invention or discovery has improved the quality of human life more than medicine. Our role is to create media that explains medicine, educates patients, and trains surgeons, and doing this gives us great purpose.

When do we do it? Our company was originally founded in 1994 when it began pioneering the use of 3D animation to explain surgical procedures, it was later incorporated in 1998 and our render farms have been rendering frames 24/7 ever since.Stephan Kuslich, Founder & CEO

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